Bus & Commercial Trucks / Big Rigs

In addition to all the ordinary hazards, these massive vehicles have huge blind spots, massive weight, and extra large and blind turning radius; they also kill with their  silent aerodynamic known as Bernoulli’s Principle. This is especially unique and dangerous to us cyclists.

According to the physics principle known as Bernoulli’s Principle, 

When a large object such as a truck or bus, passes a smaller object such as a person or cyclist, the negative air pressure produced by the bus or big rig sucks the cyclist under the bus. For this reason, the Transportation and Research Board recommends buses and trucks to use S1 Guard or People Catchers. This device prevents or counters the negative air pressure and physically prevents the cyclist or pedestrian from being sucked under it.

Here is an article on a case from Nevada.https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/cyclist-killed-aerodynamic-design-bus-caused-sucked-vehicle-374489

Here is what a S-1 Gard or People Catcher looks like http://www.capitalcrew.com/s1gard.html


Ask your municipality to equip busses with a S-1 Gard 

If cycling on big open road try to keep side distance with a large vehicle like a bus or truck 

Educate these drivers to maintain distance.