Collission with a Car, UM/UIM


If you are in an accident with a car and it is not your fault then the driver’s insurance policy will be used for indemnification.

Can my car insurance be used for bicycle accident case?

Likely yes, Your car insurance can likely cover you incase of a not at fault bicycle accident, If you have UMC and UIMC coverage.  

If the driver has no insurance, is uninsured, or is underinsured we can use your own car insurance policy if you have Uninsured and Under Insured policy coverage. Their legal name is  Uninsured Motorists Coverage (UMC) and  Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIMC). This is an extra coverage you must specifically choose when purchasing car insurance.


SECTION 11580.2 

Code Section 11580.2(b) of California Insurance Code deals with uninsured and under insured motorist.  This code section says if a named insured is injured by a motorist and the liable party doesn’t have adequate insurance, then your  (you are the named insured)  own uninsured and under insured policy kicks in and covers you up to the amount of uninsured and underinsured coverage. Case of  Daun v. USAA Cas. Ins. Co., 125 Cal. App. 4th 599 (2005) cemented the liberal application of what situations the named insured can recover, by saying named insured can recover,  regardless, if the they were in a car, a pedestrian, riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or even a horse.