Checklist after a Bike Accident

Were you recently in a Bike Accident? Here is a checklist that you need to go through to secure your rights:

  • Check yourself first for injuries, NOT the bike.
  • If medically stable preserve evidence if not get medical treatment ASAP.
  • Medical Treatment – even if you feel fine you could have underlying injuries, that only show up with scans 
  • If able to, Preserve Evidence
    • Call the police to initiate a police report
    • Take Pictures of the crash scene 
    • Get insurance information, license information, license plate
    • Take note of the area.- are there cameras, road condition, time of day and condition of road 
    • Take pictures of the surrounding area.
  • Don’t speak to anyone regarding fault. If need be, say I am waiting for my attorney. 
  • Call me, a personal injury attorney specializing in bicycle accidents
  • Keep a log or diary of your injury and routine. How it has changed.

If you want to pursue actions against the person or persons that may or have caused you harm, we can help you. Click the button below and let’s talk.

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