Checklist after a Bike Accident


  • Check yourself first for injuries, NOT the bike
  • If medically stable preserve evidence if not get medical treatment ASAP.
  • Medical Treatment – even if you feel fine you could have underlying injuries, that only show up with scans 
  • If able to, Preserve Evidence
    • Call the police to initiate a police report
    • Take Pictures of the crash scene 
    • Get insurance information, license information, license plate
    • Take note of the area.- are there cameras, road condition, time of day and condition of road 
    • Take pictures of the surrounding area.
  • Don’t speak to anyone regarding fault. If need be, say I am waiting for my attorney. 
  • Call me, a personal injury attorney specializing in bicycle accidents
  • Keep a log or diary of your injury and routine. How it has changed.